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By Dr. Palmer:

Descriptions Below

-FOOD ADDITIVES: What's In Your Food?

-Using Essential Oils In Every-day Family Health

-Emergency Preparedness & Food Storage Basics

-Basics of Working With The Body's Subtle Energies

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FOOD ADDITIVES:  What’s In Your Food?

This presentation is about food additives and other related aspects of the food we eat.  The purpose of this presentation is to help bring simple awareness of what kinds of substances we take into our bodies on a daily basis in the name of “food” and “nutrition.” The presentation begins with examining various food ingredient lists and discussing items that are unfamiliar with the audience.  In the second half of the presentation we discuss the different FDA definitions of Organic, produce codes and genetically modified foods.  Audience members are encouraged to bring a container of their favorite snack or other food.

This presentation is extremely valuable for anyone who wants to improve their diet, food awareness, and health in general

Subjects Covered:

  • Food additives (bring a container of your favorite food!)
  • The different definitions of ORGANIC, as per the USDA
  • Produce codes
  • Genetically modified foods

Presentation Time: about 2 – 2.5 hours

Using Essential Oils in Every Day Family Health

With the rising costs and controversy of medical care, families need more ways to help them stay well at home.  Plants and their essences have been the principle means for maintaining and regaining health for thousands of years and are still highly effective in their proper use.  With today’s technology, pure and potent plant essential oils are easier than ever before to obtain and use.

This presentation will focus on basic understanding of essential oils, as well as some of the reasons and methods for using plant essentials at home and abroad for health and daily uses. Although some brand names are mentioned, this presentation is not intended to promote any particular brand.

 Subjects Covered:

  • Brief overview of current health care trends and conditions
  • What an essential is/is not
  • How essential oils are obtained and graded pure
  • How to use an essential oil
  • Safety in using essential oils
  • Discussion of several oils and examples of their specific uses

 Presentation Time: 2 hours

Emergency Preparedness & Food Storage Basics

This presentation is meant as a series of three 1.5 - 2 hour presentations or one 6 hour seminar.  It covers basic details of how to prepare, what to prepare and what to prepare for.  In the presentation(s) we talk about basic aspects and differences of long, medium and short term emergency preparation, including food storage.  We also talk a little about alternatives to storing bulk grains/legumes for long term food storage.

For anyone who has not begun or does not know where to begin basic emergency preparedness and food storage, this presentation can be extremely helpful.

These presentations DO NOT focus on dooms-day prophecies or events.  Instead, they take a rational and practical view of necessary emergency preparedness and food storage.  Discussion is from a perspective of regionally and historically indicated preparedness. 

 Topics Covered:

  • What to prepare, how to prepare & what to prepare for
  • Types of preparedness
  1.   Long term (1 year +)
  2.   Medium term (3-6 months)
  3.   Short term (72 hour kit / Bug Out Bag)
  • Pros/cons of food choices for storage
  • Amounts of food needed for long/medium/short term storage & preparedness
  • How to easily store long term food items
  • Water storage & purification
  • Shelter & heat
  • Other

 Presentation Time: Series of three 2 hour presentations or one 6 hour seminar

BioEnergy Management

This presentation is about how to identify and limit the potentially negative energetic exchanges between us and other people that manifest as tension, negative attitudes and low energy/fatigue.  This presentation is “must have” knowledge for everyone, but especially helpful for doctors, nurses, massage therapists, chiropractors, those who work in person to person sales, energy workers or anyone who interacts with the public or large numbers of people.  Among the benefits of learning and applying the techniques presented in this class are increased energy through the day, less fatigue at the end of the day, better objectivity in handling situations and more.

For those who are beginning intuitive/energy workers or who would like to know more about working with subtle energies, basic concepts in working in this area are an integral part of the subject matter and are presented in a clear and practical manner.

 Subjects Covered:

  • -Basics of subtle energies and how to direct & work with them
  • -Recognizing energetic interactions/exchanges between:
  1.    - Ourselves & our environment
  2.    - Ourselves & people around us
  3.    - Understanding the impact of subtle energetic interactions/exchanges on our physical body
  • -Basic concepts in working with subtle energies for our personal wellbeing such as Source, Grounding, Shielding, Filling, Clearing

Presentation Time: 1-2 hours depending on the group